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13 Common Home Repairs: Tips & Tricks | DIY Projects

Every homeowner must be knowledgeable of these common home repairs. If you care about maintaining the beauty and structure of your home, keep on reading!

Common Home Repairs to Take Care of Your Humble Abode

We often agonize over choosing where to live and how our homes are going to look like. When my husband and I decided to get a place of our own, one of our biggest problems was agreeing on what kind of house we wanted. Little did we know, this was just the easy part! Keeping our home clean and well-maintained was the real challenge. This is why I finally decided to read up and arm myself with these common home repairs! And you should too. You’ll sleep soundly every night knowing your home is well taken care of.


1. Repair Wobbly Chairs and Tables

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One of the most annoying problems any homeowner could have is wobbly furniture. So to begin this list of common home repairs, here’s a simple remedy for unsteady chairs and tables. Simply take them apart (and label them, so you could put them back easily), and use a chisel to remove any excess glue or wood on the joining parts. Once the “joints” of the chairs and tables are clean, re-apply some glue, and put the parts together. Hold them all with a rope until the glue dries. Easy!


2. Stop Water Leaks

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None of us really know the reason why, but sometimes our homes just seem to have so many leaks all at the same time! The solution to this is simple: install a water shut off valve. Before you get started, turn off the main water supply to your house and plan where you’ll place the shut off valve. Once you’ve decided, just clean the insides of the copper pipe and attach the shut off valve. This guide has all the details you have to be wary of.


3. Clear Your Mirrors

Ditch the expensive moisturizer because you’re not aging faster than you think. All you need are some common home repairs to see yourself clearly again in the mirror! Here are 4 solutions for cleaning or concealing black spots on your mirror. My favorite is taping aluminum foil to the back of the mirror.


4. The Trick For Smooth Sliding Drawers

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Common home repairs often rely on a secret trick, and for this one, you’ll never guess what it is. To have your drawers sliding smoothly again, all you need to do is rub a stick of old candle against the bottom of the drawer where it touches the dresser. Do the same for the dresser itself, and you’ll be getting stuff in and out of your drawer without any difficulty.


5. Sticking Door No More

If you have claustrophobic tendencies, you might want to take note of this common home repair. Sometimes, doors getting stuck really scare me more than they bother me, so I followed this simple trick. Cut a piece of thin cardboard in the size of your door shims, and insert it between the actual door shim and your door hinge. Screw the parts back and voila! Problem solved.



6. Getting Rid of Bathroom Mold

Common home repairs are here to address the problem that’s all bothered us at least once in our lives: mold. This guide has 3 tips for getting rid of bathroom mold. Why not begin with the simplest one? Because humidity is often the reason fungi start to grow, simply open a window after a shower to dry out the moisture in the air!


7. Stop the Toilet Bowl From Leaking

Too many rookie mistakes have been made in fixing a leaking toilet bowl, so here’s a guide on how to get it right once and for all. The best part? This quite complicated process costs only 9 dollars.


8. Fix Stripped Screw Holes

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Sometimes a house reveals little quirks only after you’ve lived in them for years. I was surprised to find stripped screw holes in a part of the house one afternoon, so I decided to fix the problem with a toothpick. Yes, just insert a toothpick to fill the hole and screw whatever it is you need to screw onto it. This prevents the hole from creating more cracks when taking in more screwing!


9. Fix Your Screen Door Closer

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Having a screen door at the house has many benefits, but can sometimes require common home repairs. If the problem is just tension, just loosen up or tighten the tension adjustment screw at the end of the closer. If you must attach an entirely new screen door closer, this tutorial also has the right way of putting the closer so you’ll never have to worry about your screen door again!



10. Fix Leaking Copper Pipes

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This common home repair sounds hard, but fixing a leaking copper pipe is pretty easy. Just cut out the part of the pipe that’s leaking, and replace it with a clean one to which a SharkBite (the secret) is attached. Simple and efficient!


11. Repair Curtain Rod Anchors

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Among these common home repairs, this one is what you must remember if you like to decorate your house. The secret is Toggle Bolts and Snaptoggle. With these materials linking your curtain rod anchor to the wall, you’ll have no problem hanging any kind of curtain to suit your taste!


12. Repair Your Fire Pit

Using the fire pit is inevitable, especially when you have regular outdoor gatherings with friends. A common problem, however, is abusing the ash pan at the bottom of the pit. The ash pan is irreplaceable, so you must procure a metal sheet to drill over your old ash pan. This little ingenious trick will cure all your fire pit woes!


13. Remove and Install a New Dishwasher

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We’re all guilty: we abuse our dishwashers. So, it’s expected, they need replacing once in a while. For this common home repair, remember to shut off the water and electric supply first. Disconnecting these plugs from the old dishwasher will tell you how to put them back once you install the new one. Once you’ve attached your new dishwasher, do a test run. Doing this systematically should leave no trouble!


Watch this video from Mr. Hacker for more common home repairs:

There are a hundred reasons why common home repairs are crucial, but I think the most important one is this: your homes are where you’re going to grow old, and create memories with your kids until they have kids of their own! And who wants memories set in a rotting, crumbling house? So, if you want to continue living in peace, unbothered by persisting house problems, then start learning these common home repairs today!